Annaborgia Ariel Top Giveaway

I am resurfacing after the last few weeks of intense preparations for the launch of Annaborgia online store.  I am thrilled to announce Annaborgia is now open for business! My team and I have been longing for this moment and we want  share our excitement with you celebrating with a glamorous Giveaway!

We are going all out and giving away to one lucky winner our whimsical Ariel Top. You will love its versatile ‘luxe to casual’ pliability.To be eligible to win follow two easy steps:

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  2. Share our Giveaway link with your circle of friends and family on your social media of choice tagging @annaborgiastyle.

Closing date is Midnight PST, Friday November 13th. The lucky winner will be announced on November 16th on 12noon PST via Annaborgia Blog.
(Offer not redeemable for cash value)




Fall Portrait Session in the San Francisco Bay Area

Fall has arrived! It’s my favorite season for portrait sessions.. the softer light, the leaves turning to warm happy shades and pumpkin patches in every corner. I can’t wait to experience all the colors of fall in my beloved Northern California. I am on my way back, hurray! I will be back behind the camera in the San Francisco Bay Area from Oct. 15th to Nov. 20th.  If you are planning for a family portrait during this time, feel free to reach out!

DDP Welcome Fall

On the threshold

It’s been a few weeks since I touched base here on my personal blog. I thought I share something I decided to post on Annaborgia’s blog today, and for a chance, it has nothing to do with Fashion. It’s really hard to keep talking about fabrics while the world is crumbling down. Here it goes:

I’ve been conflicted  about writing this post and pondering what feels appropriate to write about in times of great tragedy. We’re quickly learning to desensitize ourselves to the many shocking images we see on our screens, ISIS cutting heads and destroying millennial historic wonders, unstoppable gun violence that even made it to live tv, and wars – war all over the world in so many shapes and forms. We’ve been going to the moon and back, and we’re exploring the mysterious universe and this wonderful opportunity at life we’re given, but still there are way too many people who prefer violence than to respectfully move towards a common objective. It really baffles me. I may be naive or simplistic but I really can’t understand why people don’t accept diversity in the knowledge that we are who we are and this patchwork is our very humanity.

I think this week I reached my point where I needed to be numbed. I am haunted by the image of that delicate little boy washed ashore a Turkey’s beach, laying helplessly without life. His dad said he and his brother slipped from his arms in turbulent waters during one of the many ‘crossings of hope’ towards Europe from the war zone in Syria.

I know many have died before him, brothers, sisters, mothers, men. And what’s more appalling is that there are individuals out there that take advantage of someone’s life tragedy (them fleeing war) to charge a high sum of money to be stuck on a feeble boat like sardines in the hope to reach a new happier life. But so many times I have witnessed from afar, many of these boats never made it to the promised land. The same men that took these refugees money and all they had, take them straight to their deaths. Heartlessly sinking not just boats, but lives,  hopes and futures.  Extinguishing their light before they reach salvation.

I am familiar with the routine, I watch it on tv everyday. Powerless.
But this time, I really can’t shake it out of my system. The little boy’s innocent delicate face, peacefully lying on the sand, as if he was resting, just like any of our children in their soft, comfortable beds.
I found myself haunted by the shrieking note of his happy red shirt. Kids wear red all the time, isn’t it one of their favorite colors? They wear it when they laugh, when they make funny faces, when they play, or cry, or spit their food all over the place. Red is a color that screams life and energy! But that little body had lost that life and energy forever. To me, that red t-shirt said it all.

I am sorry to torment you with this unusual post but, I just wanted to pause for a moment and acknowledge his life. I will never be tired of saying that life is so precious, and all aspects of being creative are such wonderful expressions of how our minds can open up wonders to us. I wish everyone would have the chance to experience that. Especially children who are naturally talented to absorb positiveness and take it to the next level.

Photo by Oscar Keys

Annaborgia Lily Bustier

Back in my native land since early August, I have been feeling pretty much like a zombie for the last couple of weeks due to the exhausting  heat and jet lag. It feels good to be over it and get my energy back to dig in my usual, behind the scenes and less eventful routine while in Italy.

The fun part is usually occupy my time curating Annaborgia blog and social media while my team is working on production in San Francisco.  I miss being there though… Well, looking forward to be back in October. Time flies anyway!

So, despite heat and jet lag, I lived up my social media commitments and as I did yesterday on Annaborgia official blog, I am happy to present the last design from our mini debut collection. The Lily Bustier! Read on details on the garment, what inspired it and see more pics here.

Annaborgia Lily Bustier




Annaborgia Farrah Jumpsuit

As a lover of clean, classic and minimalistic design, I can’t explain my passion for the ’70s fashion. Thinking about it though, it kinds of reflect my own personality, that’s it!  I am usually posed and proper, but once in a while my playful,  risk taker side takes over.  Much like I did when I embarked for this fashion journey.

I wanted to express that part of my persona in Annaborgia’s mini debut collection and the latest jumpsuit trend came in quite handy. Annaborgia’s homage to the ’70s is the Farrah Jumpsuit.

See more images and find out all the details about the design on Annaborgia’s blog.

Annaborgia's Farrah Jumpsuit

Annaborgia Stella Dress

The next few weeks are gonna be very exciting! After shooting Annaborgia Look Book in Venice Beach a couple of weeks ago, it’s time to unveil week after week Annaborgia’s new designs. I am thrilled about the enthusiastic welcome the Stella Dress has received on social media today! I love the versatility of this dress.. It was designed as a luxe bridesmaid dress, but it can also be the perfect solution for an unconventional bride. Most importantly, its minimalistic design will ensure you can re-wear it on multiple occasions. That’s a key element of all Annaborgia’s designs. See more photo details of its sexy back and read more on the Stella other qualities  (from being cruelty-free to eco friendly)  on Annaborgia’s blog.

Annaborgia Stella Dress

Thank you Orange County!

I have been so busy since I have landed in California that I had no time to update this blog for the past two weeks, Annaborgia always comes first these days :)  I have just returned from a memorable trip to Orange County and Los Angeles area. Although it was not my first visit there, this time I so enjoyed my stay I did not want to leave! I have to say my friend Elisabetta really spoiled me prepping a vegan dinner on the evening of my arrival… and she kept indulging me taking me to the best cruelty free restaurants of OC and introduce me to some of her awesome friends. I am thankful for the great positive energy I filled up with in just a few days. Besides the great company and vegan delicacies,  my goal during this trip was to photograph Annaborgia’s Look Book, with the amazingly talented Katya Linnik as Annaborgia’s Face.  I will soon share some exclusive images in our newsletter so you better sign up for it if you’re curious :)

Katya, Elisabetta and I  had planned and brainstormed over this shoot about a year ago while eating sushi in Manhattan Beach (vegan style, of course), so it was such a great feeling to make it happen, at last! Everything went perfectly, besides my usual nervousness while scouting the Venice Beach Canals location :) Once I saw Katya through my viewfinder, i knew everything would go smoothly! She lights up the scene, with her versatility she’s such a joy to work with.  I also wanna thank the very professional Reyna Khalill for Katya’s perfect Make Up. If you need a MUA in the area, I highly recommend her! Last but not least, a BIG thank you to my friend Elisabetta for her endless and tireless support, and for shooting a few behind the scene images!

Daniela at work in Venice Beach

Selfie of Dream Team in Venice Beach

So now that I am addicted to Orange County, I have already made plans to return very soon.. because, you know, once you start brainstorming, you can never stop, especially with a group of creative and passionate women!

Entrepreneur Photographer turned Fashion Designer


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